Investment offers

Cryptocurrency sphere gives big opportunities for earning, but far from everyone uses these opportunities. If you want to receive income from trading or mining independently, you need to have a lot of money and certain knowledge, otherwise the result will be not a large profit, but a great disappointment.

Despite the fact that around the Web it is told how to make money on this promising area, actually only professionals receive a stable income from the cryptocurrency. Sooner or later, plain luck ceases to pay off, and it is time for a market player to show his strategy, tactics, and knowledge. However, what about those investors who do not have a lot of money and who are not ready to spend plenty of time analyzing the market and searching for approaches? Cannot they make money on the high yield cryptocurrency sphere?

In fact, it is not. Nowadays, it becomes especially popular to transfer funds to a trust management when investor gives his money for the management by a professional and receives a passive, stable income. It is not easy to find a company that is ready to be responsible for your finances and bring high results, but you are lucky – you are exactly on the site of such a company.

Foster Bit is a British company engaged in mining, trading and manufacturing of ASIC-miners.

We do not only earn from the cryptocurrency market by ourselves, but we suggest earning from it to private investors. Especially for this purpose, we have developed an investment offer that is aimed at investors with different deposit size and different preferences regarding investment conditions.