About FosterBit

The emergence of cryptocurrency became a real revolution in the financial and technological spheres. Nowadays, many large companies pay attention to the achievements in blockcnain and fintech, as they understand that these technologies are the thing of the future. Here, if someone just pay attention to a perspective direction, FosterBit is one of those who surely makes money on cryptocurrency and receives high-interest income.

You can make a wide variety of forecasts concerning the cryptocurrency, but it is definitely known only that this sphere will be developing and the one who will master it on time, will get high income from it. We are not those companies that are just trying to take any place in crypto industry and wating for big profits. We confidently enter this market and work in several perspective directions at once.


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Due to the fact that we are focused on several the most profitable and proven sources of earnings at once, the company conducts successful business and can offer stable cooperation conditions to its investors.

FosterBit is a team of experienced and self-confident professionals who know how to make money on the cryptocurrency market.

You, probably know that the market of ASIC-miners is dominated by monopolists, but their era is coming to an end. Many companies pay attention to the production of application specific integrated circuits and will soon compete with such large companies as Bitmain. Our company did not stay away from this process and launched its own production line of new model ASICs that allows to mine more efficiently. The industrial sale of our developments is one of our main icome items.